“POCOYO”……Preschool Animated Cartoon Series

Colour contrasts, actions and music are the main attractions for preschoolers to get attracted towards TV screen. Pocoyo is one of those cartoons that has all of these characteristics and I have been watching this show for the last 7 years even though it’s not from my childhood but my kids love to watch this show.

pocoyo 1

My older son started to watch this when he was 3 years old and then my second son inherited from the older brother who used to watch this show before he started his full time school and now, with a little break of 2 years, my youngest one gets attracted towards its colors and music. I have memorized many episodes of Pocoyo but it is so interesting to watch this innocent four years old animated character playing and having fun with his friends. My kids say, “we love Pocoyo because it’ s in 3D, very energetic, imaginative and playful character just like us”.pp


Pocoyo is the main character of the series who is full of curiosity , imagination and loves to discover new things. He is always wearing blue clothes and moves at a quick speed. He has a group of best friends: Pato(Duck), Elly(Elephant), and Loula(Puppy). Although he is very friendly and almost always in a good mood, Pocoyo exhibits negative traits which is common for this age group, including selfishness and getting frustrated of not being able to do something his friends can, but in each story, he identifies the problem and works to fix it. For parental control and encourage TV time limits for this age group, Pocoyo has brief show format for kids to watch the story unfold and conclude within 10 minutes.


Pocoyo is originally a Spanish animated preschool television series created by Guillermo García Carsí, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla, and is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment, Cosgrove-Hall Films and Granada International in 2005. Later in 2007, it broadcasted in many English speaking countries and in Canada, it was brought by Treehouse (famous kids TV channel).



“Meena”……….An Educational Cartoon in South Asia

“Cartoons are a very powerful learning source for kids as nothing can get their more devoted attention than cartoons. Cartoons create serious impact on kids’ behaviors, thought process, language, actions, reactions, personality building and much more; it is a full package. For things which you wish to teach them in one month for example, three repeated episodes of the cartoons can do the magic for you. We, being parents need to be very careful that what kind of cartoons our kids are watching as most of time the cartoons have violence. Further, being society, we should emphasize on production of such cartoons which teach peace, harmony, respect, good social values, etc.”………. By Nasir Naseer

This statement is a comment on my blog from my brother which inspired me to write about my favourite educational cartoon:“Meena Aur Tota” (Meena and her parrot)  


This is originally developed from Meena Communication Initiative (MCI) of UNICEF (an organization that supports educational awareness in South Asia). This has been a famous cartoon show of South Asian children’s television for educational purpose but with comics and lots of fun for kids. This show broadcasted in different South Asian Languages such as Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. “Meena” is a girl that is the main fictional character of the show who educates children of South Asia on different issues such as gender, health, and social inequality through her stories with great emphasis on social and cultural practices.

I was 11 or 12 years old when I started to watch this show on my national television. At that age, this show proved to be a tremendous support for me to learn about social & moral values; behavioral strategies, responsibilities and value of education etc. I remember talking about Meena’s adventures at school with my friends during breaks just like a fictional hero who comes to reality.

Considering my attachment to different cartoon characters and the impact they have, I always stay very careful about what cartoons my kids watch. I particularly consider language, content, age appropriateness and overall learning from cartoons. Sometimes, it’s very hard to make them understand the importance of all these checks but I don’t give up!

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Imagination and animation!!

Cartoons have been the best source of storytelling and we stay attached to them regardless of age. I watched a breakfast cereal commercial this morning which made me wonder about the appearance of cartoon characters in TV Commercials. I believe animated TV commercials create a virtual world which is crafted with fantasy and that is why cartoon characters are not only limited to the animated movies but also ideal for product marketing. Humor part of the advertisement is the one that people remember more than the type of product. Some of the famous cartoon characters have been part of different brands, TV ads and charities as well. The history of using animated advertisements is as old as some of the classical cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry etc.

In 1941, BOTANY MILLS was among the first television sponsors used Botany

the animated character, “Botany Lamb” in their commercial. So it’s not surprising to see cartoons do great in marketing arena which leads to millions of TV ads every year.

My favourite cartoons have been part of famous animated commercials for different companies or brands and some of them I would like to share with you:

 Hare Jordan

In 1993, a creative agency, Wieden & Kennedy starred Loony Tunes cartoon  in commercials for Nike and success of that resulted in a full length feature film Space Jam. cartoons

Tom Meets his Match

 In 2003, a creative agency called Ogilvy & Mather created animated commercial  placing Tom and Jerry into a live action setting for the new Ford Mondeo. The Marketing Director of Ford at that time said that this advertisement gains a lot of emotional impact because everyone loves Tom and Jerry.


Those Meddling Kids

In 2007, a creative agency, Deutshe LA starred Scooby-Doo cartoon group for DirecTV where Scooby-Doo group capture a monster who turns out to the cable guy!   scooby

 Gecko’s Unexpected Encounter

In 2014, another creative agency, The Martin Agency placed Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoonin an animated commercial for Geico that was carefully created to ensure the strange encounter looked natural! Rockey

More or Less

Again in 2014, Clemenger BBDO which is also a creative production agency created a commercial for NAB using Tom and Jerry. NAB created this commercial after one year of the first clip licensing campaign which also used the ‘more or less’ theme but in this ad, Tom & Jerry used throughout the entire commercial.tom

Except being a strong marketing tool, animation and cartoons are considered a best of source of interaction for education and work purpose as well. I have personally used Powtoon, Prezi and GoAnimate for online lessons and presentations which are mostly free. I always have so much fun using these tools that create beautiful presentations through unique animations and graphics.

Cartoons are truly an inspiration in many ways!


“Arabian Nights”…… Short Stories

Most of us like fairy tales at some point in our childhood. Strong imagination, emotions, behaviours and  ambitions to do something good which make these fairy tales really special for us. I love fairy tales because of their happy ending and the start saying: “Once Upon A Time”!


I started reading short stories when I was in grade 2 and Arabian Nights was one of my favourite story books. we had some old TV dramas based on those tales as well because of the middle eastern literature  but soon after that our national TV started cartoon series Arabian Nights  in late 1980’s which  became very popular among kids and youth overnight. The main reason of popularity was the language. It was dubbed by in our national language which made it easy for everybody to understand and stay connected with the story.



I like Arabian Nights cartoon series because of the animated human characters, real life problems, architecture and adventurous stories. It was so much fun watching knights fighting with evil and promote good in the society which would usually end on a positive lesson. I remember, my older brother and I used to act like these characters and we sued to say, “Let’s play knights, Knights” (name of our fun play). Using sticks, serving spoons as swords and bed sheets for making tents and capes were the most fun part of it.


My favourite cartoon series were “Aladdin and The Magic Lamp” and “Sinbad “.  Watching Magic Lamp; how it fulfills Aladdin’s  wishes  was the biggest attraction  for me and my siblings, I still wish to have a magic lamp to help me with my wish list……

My favourite character was Princess Nida. I used like her because of princes dressing, and her talent to alter voice to mimic others to save herself from the prison.



Arabian Knights is an animated cartoon segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, Produced by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Stories are based on Middle Eastern Literature but country of origins for these cartoon series is USA.



I don’t know how many of you know about this cartoon series but Pingu is one of the cutest cartoon show of my childhood. It was my mom’s favourite cartoon as well because Pingu was the shortest cartoon show and most of all, it always had some lessons for kids at the end of each show. I used to enjoy Pingu for many reasons and here are some of them:


  • A lot of fun because me and my older brother was the same way as Pingu (Brother)and Pinga (Sister)
  • Pingu had complete family with grandparents, mom, dad and siblings. It was very interesting to see a penguin having same issues that I used to have in my childhood such as mood swings, siblings’ fight; having good and bad days in school or at home. The best part of Pingu is to learn about real life problem solving.


  • Pingu lives in Igloo and has so much fun living in ice & snow because in my back-home, we don’t have snow so watching Pingu cartoon made me wonder how people live or survive in snow/ice. Well, I don’t wonder about snow anymore after coming to Canada. I know all about snow storms and coldest winters which make me wish for summer to come back but at the same time I enjoy snow when I make snowman and snow angles with my kids.

My kids also like Pingu. Here is the video of my son’s thoughts about Pingu:

 (Video requirement of my course-Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media)

History Walk

Pingu is a Swiss-motion animated children’s cartoon series created by Otmar Gutmann and produced from 1986 to 2000 for Swiss television. All characters of the show are made from clay. Pingu has also been broadcasted on BBC, CBBC, CBeebies and Nick Jr. Pingu won British Academy Film Awards

Main character is Pingu who is the son of this penguins’ family.

Story Line: This Cartoon series based around penguins’ family who live in igloos at the South Pole and the main character ” Pingu” often have fun and adventure with his sister ” Pinga” and friends.




I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

222This post is little different than my other favourite cartoon characters

because Tweety was not only my favourite cartoon from

Loony Tunes but also, was the compulsion among my stuffed toys for many years.

I used to carry my stuffed toy “Tweety” all over whether indoor or outdoor play. I remember my cousins   never liked me with my Tweety toy because for them, playing with dolls were the most fun.

I had a very good collections of different things with Tweety’s picture on it specially bags and notebook folders etc. I used to take a folder to school every day till grade 12 which had tweety’s picture on it……Memories!

I don’t know why, I was so fond of Tweety cartoon and specially Tweety toy but now, if I look back, I would say this cartoon character looks very innocent and cute. I remember, My grand Ma used to pet birds specially parrots so watching Tweety was so much fun for me and my siblings to compare our talking parrots with tweet y bird.

Tweety 1                                  grany

There was another interesting character in Tweety was “Detective Granny ” just like my super Granny   who would catch us every time if we do something wrong .

About Tweety Cartoon:

Tweety was first appeared in 1942 in a cartoon called A Tale Of Two Kitties which was directed by Bob Clampett, and five years later Sylvester The Cat and Tweety came together on screen as rivals in cartoon called “Tweetie Pie”. This cartoon won an Academy Award and proved to be the start of many short cartoons to come.

* Initially Tweety was pink and the most interesting fact about tweety that I found out today that it’s a male bird which I always used to think it’s a female bird because of the long eye lashes.

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Tom-and-Jerry One of my top favourite cartoons in my childhood were  Tom & Jerry.  We started to watch this cartoon show on our black and white television  because we didn’t have coloured television yet and only once a week early morning before school time during a morning show.


It had very simple story plot between two characters that usually fight on one thing for long time which was the most interesting part of this cartoon though we never understood the background voice as it was in English and most of us didn’t know English at that time but their full of actions moves and escaping tricks from each other would hold us throughout the episode. I can recall, they mostly used to fight over Cheese, Cakes and Music Noise etc. untitled

 My younger sister’s favourite character was Jerry because he was a small  mouse who would always be stronger enough to escape and would never let untitled1

Tom be successful in his naughty ideas………..I liked both characters because their fights create fun in any story .

I still enjoy watching Tom and Jerry movies but the difference is, I can watch my favourite show any time because I don’t have to wait for any episode to be played on TV. Most of us like Tom and Jerry Cartoon so here is an interesting clip from the show posted on Youtube:

History of Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Production: An American animated series of cartoons created in 1940, by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Story Line: It centers on a rivalry between its two main characters and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy. 

Main Characters

TOM: A grey and White cat who usually lives a pampered life

JERRY: A brown small house mouse who is always successful to trick TOM

History Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_and_Jerry