Beginning of Animated Cartoons

If we look back in history, we had puppet shows who were the main source of entertainment beside theatre shows where humans would perform different characters to make us laugh, think, cry and deliver moral and social messages. Then we started to have projection of animated characters in newspapers by cartoonists and that’s how the journey of cartoons started.

The first animated projection on

motion picture films was Fantasmagorie cartoon

by the French director Émile Cohl in 1908.

One of the very first successful animated cartoons was Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) by Winsor McCay. It was the first example of successful character animation.

At first,

animated cartoons were

Black-and White and silent.

mickyThe first cartoon that had soundtrack was

in 1926 with Max Fleischer‘s My Old Kentucky Home.

Gradually cartoon show had better sound tracks and perfectly synchronized with music.

Now animations have become

the most popular source of movies and commercialsimages

on television because of the 3-D or 4-D graphic appeal and humor!!!

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