This is the famous phrase of one of the main characters of Loony Tunes cartoon series Bugs Bunny.


This character evolved over the years. The development of this amazing cartoon character started before the World War 2 and the first official debut was on July 27, 1940 in “Wild Hare” directed by Tex Avery. Bugs Bunny is a grey rabbit and over 70 years old cartoon character who has New York accent and been on American Postage Stamp.


Bugs Bunny was the 2nd cartoon characterBugs_Bunny_Walk_of_Fame_4-20-06

to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bugs Bunny often gets aggressive for his self-defence who always won wars against who tried   to cheat or harm him.

Bugs Bunny had different voice actors and names in different countries to support this unique cartoon character according to culture or language requirements.

picI love to watch Bugs Bunny because of its strong character, naughtiness, troublesome, wisdom and off course carrot.  I remember in my childhood, I would not eat whole carrot with attached leaves just like carrot shown in Bugs Bunny because I used argue with my mom that it’s bunny style and “I Am Not Rabbit”. I had good drawing skills so I used to draw Bugs Bunny for my class mates in my free time. Now my son who is almost ten years old says ……..he likes to watch Bugs Bunny because sometimes he takes over human’s role and proves himself for being very strong!

bunnyThere were certain things that I didn’t understand because of age but still had so much fun watching Bugs Bunny won every time. I remember one episode where hunter was about to harm him but receives a letter from his uncle and all of sudden things changed magically but now if I watch that  I know it was uncle’s will of millions of dollars for the hunter but with condition of “ Do Not Harm Rabbits”…………. LOL!!!




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