“The Pink Pink”


pink 3The first entry of this classic character was in 1964’s animated short, “The Pink Pink” which shown that Pink Panther is painting a man’s house pink while the man (White Guy) is trying to paint it blue. In the end, the man has become frustrated and buries the pink paint in the yard, which makes the grass grow pink.

pink 2


– The Pink Panther won the Academy Award for animated short film in 1964.

– In 1969, NBC television started The Pink Panther Show on Saturday mornings. This series included characters like Inspector Clouseau and his sidekick Sergeant Deux-Deux.pink 1

-In 1974, Gold Key Comics published Pink Panther Comic Book

–  Pink Panther has been very popular for advertising brands such as Nike and Mascot

– The Pink Panther is associated with many cancer awareness campaigns and support organizations.


Pink Panther is one of those cartoons that my whole family love to watch for family fun. In my child hood, I used to watch Pink Panther because of its colour and most of all its constant music. It was full of fun to watch how a panther lives a human life and always stay around pink stuff. Believe me or not……I used to think that pink panther is a special lion who lives in doll house because my doll used to have pink dresses…..It was all about imagination and they are now pleasant memories of my childhood


Pink panther is the favourite cartoon show of my younger son who is six years old and he says that ” I love Pink Panther cartoon because a panther does all the silly stuff because he cannot talk”. My youngest son who is only one year old likes its music and starts dancing when the show is on.




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