Tom-and-Jerry One of my top favourite cartoons in my childhood were  Tom & Jerry.  We started to watch this cartoon show on our black and white television  because we didn’t have coloured television yet and only once a week early morning before school time during a morning show.


It had very simple story plot between two characters that usually fight on one thing for long time which was the most interesting part of this cartoon though we never understood the background voice as it was in English and most of us didn’t know English at that time but their full of actions moves and escaping tricks from each other would hold us throughout the episode. I can recall, they mostly used to fight over Cheese, Cakes and Music Noise etc. untitled

 My younger sister’s favourite character was Jerry because he was a small  mouse who would always be stronger enough to escape and would never let untitled1

Tom be successful in his naughty ideas………..I liked both characters because their fights create fun in any story .

I still enjoy watching Tom and Jerry movies but the difference is, I can watch my favourite show any time because I don’t have to wait for any episode to be played on TV. Most of us like Tom and Jerry Cartoon so here is an interesting clip from the show posted on Youtube:

History of Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Production: An American animated series of cartoons created in 1940, by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Story Line: It centers on a rivalry between its two main characters and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy. 

Main Characters

TOM: A grey and White cat who usually lives a pampered life

JERRY: A brown small house mouse who is always successful to trick TOM

History Reference:


5 thoughts on “TOM & JERRY

  1. Watching Tom and Jerry every sunday morning with siblings were the best memory of my life. Till this day Jerry is my favourite character and I still sympathized with Tom. I can still remember the feeling of excitement I used to get whenever we’d watch it, and those hours flew by, they were the fastest hours of my life.

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