I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

222This post is little different than my other favourite cartoon characters

because Tweety was not only my favourite cartoon from

Loony Tunes but also, was the compulsion among my stuffed toys for many years.

I used to carry my stuffed toy “Tweety” all over whether indoor or outdoor play. I remember my cousins   never liked me with my Tweety toy because for them, playing with dolls were the most fun.

I had a very good collections of different things with Tweety’s picture on it specially bags and notebook folders etc. I used to take a folder to school every day till grade 12 which had tweety’s picture on it……Memories!

I don’t know why, I was so fond of Tweety cartoon and specially Tweety toy but now, if I look back, I would say this cartoon character looks very innocent and cute. I remember, My grand Ma used to pet birds specially parrots so watching Tweety was so much fun for me and my siblings to compare our talking parrots with tweet y bird.

Tweety 1                                  grany

There was another interesting character in Tweety was “Detective Granny ” just like my super Granny   who would catch us every time if we do something wrong .

About Tweety Cartoon:

Tweety was first appeared in 1942 in a cartoon called A Tale Of Two Kitties which was directed by Bob Clampett, and five years later Sylvester The Cat and Tweety came together on screen as rivals in cartoon called “Tweetie Pie”. This cartoon won an Academy Award and proved to be the start of many short cartoons to come.

* Initially Tweety was pink and the most interesting fact about tweety that I found out today that it’s a male bird which I always used to think it’s a female bird because of the long eye lashes.

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