“Arabian Nights”…… Short Stories

Most of us like fairy tales at some point in our childhood. Strong imagination, emotions, behaviours and  ambitions to do something good which make these fairy tales really special for us. I love fairy tales because of their happy ending and the start saying: “Once Upon A Time”!


I started reading short stories when I was in grade 2 and Arabian Nights was one of my favourite story books. we had some old TV dramas based on those tales as well because of the middle eastern literature  but soon after that our national TV started cartoon series Arabian Nights  in late 1980’s which  became very popular among kids and youth overnight. The main reason of popularity was the language. It was dubbed by in our national language which made it easy for everybody to understand and stay connected with the story.



I like Arabian Nights cartoon series because of the animated human characters, real life problems, architecture and adventurous stories. It was so much fun watching knights fighting with evil and promote good in the society which would usually end on a positive lesson. I remember, my older brother and I used to act like these characters and we sued to say, “Let’s play knights, Knights” (name of our fun play). Using sticks, serving spoons as swords and bed sheets for making tents and capes were the most fun part of it.


My favourite cartoon series were “Aladdin and The Magic Lamp” and “Sinbad “.  Watching Magic Lamp; how it fulfills Aladdin’s  wishes  was the biggest attraction  for me and my siblings, I still wish to have a magic lamp to help me with my wish list……

My favourite character was Princess Nida. I used like her because of princes dressing, and her talent to alter voice to mimic others to save herself from the prison.



Arabian Knights is an animated cartoon segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, Produced by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Stories are based on Middle Eastern Literature but country of origins for these cartoon series is USA.


6 thoughts on ““Arabian Nights”…… Short Stories

  1. Did you see “Aladdin” when it was pre-Broadway at the Ed Mirvish Theatre?! I took my daughter and the magic carpet ride over part of the audience was amazing. If you didn’t, keep an eye out for it if it comes back or in NY.. it was great for all ages!

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