Imagination and animation!!

Cartoons have been the best source of storytelling and we stay attached to them regardless of age. I watched a breakfast cereal commercial this morning which made me wonder about the appearance of cartoon characters in TV Commercials. I believe animated TV commercials create a virtual world which is crafted with fantasy and that is why cartoon characters are not only limited to the animated movies but also ideal for product marketing. Humor part of the advertisement is the one that people remember more than the type of product. Some of the famous cartoon characters have been part of different brands, TV ads and charities as well. The history of using animated advertisements is as old as some of the classical cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry etc.

In 1941, BOTANY MILLS was among the first television sponsors used Botany

the animated character, “Botany Lamb” in their commercial. So it’s not surprising to see cartoons do great in marketing arena which leads to millions of TV ads every year.

My favourite cartoons have been part of famous animated commercials for different companies or brands and some of them I would like to share with you:

 Hare Jordan

In 1993, a creative agency, Wieden & Kennedy starred Loony Tunes cartoon  in commercials for Nike and success of that resulted in a full length feature film Space Jam. cartoons

Tom Meets his Match

 In 2003, a creative agency called Ogilvy & Mather created animated commercial  placing Tom and Jerry into a live action setting for the new Ford Mondeo. The Marketing Director of Ford at that time said that this advertisement gains a lot of emotional impact because everyone loves Tom and Jerry.


Those Meddling Kids

In 2007, a creative agency, Deutshe LA starred Scooby-Doo cartoon group for DirecTV where Scooby-Doo group capture a monster who turns out to the cable guy!   scooby

 Gecko’s Unexpected Encounter

In 2014, another creative agency, The Martin Agency placed Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoonin an animated commercial for Geico that was carefully created to ensure the strange encounter looked natural! Rockey

More or Less

Again in 2014, Clemenger BBDO which is also a creative production agency created a commercial for NAB using Tom and Jerry. NAB created this commercial after one year of the first clip licensing campaign which also used the ‘more or less’ theme but in this ad, Tom & Jerry used throughout the entire commercial.tom

Except being a strong marketing tool, animation and cartoons are considered a best of source of interaction for education and work purpose as well. I have personally used Powtoon, Prezi and GoAnimate for online lessons and presentations which are mostly free. I always have so much fun using these tools that create beautiful presentations through unique animations and graphics.

Cartoons are truly an inspiration in many ways!


4 thoughts on “Imagination and animation!!

  1. Excellent blog Saima. Keep going buddy!
    Cartoon characters are great fun for kids. As you said, it builds amazing memories of our childhood. But the sad part about it is some advertising agencies take advantage of kids emotions, or I should say cashing on it. They use these famous characters to sell their unhealthy food products mostly cereals filled with sugar and artifical colours. Which in return causes obesity and other deveopmental problems in kids. For example Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes which uses Tony the Tiger, is not only high in sugar, its also loaded with empty calories. Every mom experiences the struggle they have to go through every time they pass by breakfast aisle. Kids gets attracted by the colorful boxes of cereal just because they see a happy and funny cartoon character printed on it. I hope the govt. will step forward and do something about it. I wish they start putting warning signs on it just like they do it on cigarette boxes.

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