“Meena”……….An Educational Cartoon in South Asia

“Cartoons are a very powerful learning source for kids as nothing can get their more devoted attention than cartoons. Cartoons create serious impact on kids’ behaviors, thought process, language, actions, reactions, personality building and much more; it is a full package. For things which you wish to teach them in one month for example, three repeated episodes of the cartoons can do the magic for you. We, being parents need to be very careful that what kind of cartoons our kids are watching as most of time the cartoons have violence. Further, being society, we should emphasize on production of such cartoons which teach peace, harmony, respect, good social values, etc.”………. By Nasir Naseer

This statement is a comment on my blog from my brother which inspired me to write about my favourite educational cartoon:“Meena Aur Tota” (Meena and her parrot)  


This is originally developed from Meena Communication Initiative (MCI) of UNICEF (an organization that supports educational awareness in South Asia). This has been a famous cartoon show of South Asian children’s television for educational purpose but with comics and lots of fun for kids. This show broadcasted in different South Asian Languages such as Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. “Meena” is a girl that is the main fictional character of the show who educates children of South Asia on different issues such as gender, health, and social inequality through her stories with great emphasis on social and cultural practices.

I was 11 or 12 years old when I started to watch this show on my national television. At that age, this show proved to be a tremendous support for me to learn about social & moral values; behavioral strategies, responsibilities and value of education etc. I remember talking about Meena’s adventures at school with my friends during breaks just like a fictional hero who comes to reality.

Considering my attachment to different cartoon characters and the impact they have, I always stay very careful about what cartoons my kids watch. I particularly consider language, content, age appropriateness and overall learning from cartoons. Sometimes, it’s very hard to make them understand the importance of all these checks but I don’t give up!

I attached some interesting information for you related to this post:



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