“POCOYO”……Preschool Animated Cartoon Series

Colour contrasts, actions and music are the main attractions for preschoolers to get attracted towards TV screen. Pocoyo is one of those cartoons that has all of these characteristics and I have been watching this show for the last 7 years even though it’s not from my childhood but my kids love to watch this show.

pocoyo 1

My older son started to watch this when he was 3 years old and then my second son inherited from the older brother who used to watch this show before he started his full time school and now, with a little break of 2 years, my youngest one gets attracted towards its colors and music. I have memorized many episodes of Pocoyo but it is so interesting to watch this innocent four years old animated character playing and having fun with his friends. My kids say, “we love Pocoyo because it’ s in 3D, very energetic, imaginative and playful character just like us”.pp


Pocoyo is the main character of the series who is full of curiosity , imagination and loves to discover new things. He is always wearing blue clothes and moves at a quick speed. He has a group of best friends: Pato(Duck), Elly(Elephant), and Loula(Puppy). Although he is very friendly and almost always in a good mood, Pocoyo exhibits negative traits which is common for this age group, including selfishness and getting frustrated of not being able to do something his friends can, but in each story, he identifies the problem and works to fix it. For parental control and encourage TV time limits for this age group, Pocoyo has brief show format for kids to watch the story unfold and conclude within 10 minutes.


Pocoyo is originally a Spanish animated preschool television series created by Guillermo García Carsí, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla, and is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment, Cosgrove-Hall Films and Granada International in 2005. Later in 2007, it broadcasted in many English speaking countries and in Canada, it was brought by Treehouse (famous kids TV channel).



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