“The Pink Pink”


pink 3The first entry of this classic character was in 1964’s animated short, “The Pink Pink” which shown that Pink Panther is painting a man’s house pink while the man (White Guy) is trying to paint it blue. In the end, the man has become frustrated and buries the pink paint in the yard, which makes the grass grow pink.

pink 2


– The Pink Panther won the Academy Award for animated short film in 1964.

– In 1969, NBC television started The Pink Panther Show on Saturday mornings. This series included characters like Inspector Clouseau and his sidekick Sergeant Deux-Deux.pink 1

-In 1974, Gold Key Comics published Pink Panther Comic Book

–  Pink Panther has been very popular for advertising brands such as Nike and Mascot

– The Pink Panther is associated with many cancer awareness campaigns and support organizations.


Pink Panther is one of those cartoons that my whole family love to watch for family fun. In my child hood, I used to watch Pink Panther because of its colour and most of all its constant music. It was full of fun to watch how a panther lives a human life and always stay around pink stuff. Believe me or not……I used to think that pink panther is a special lion who lives in doll house because my doll used to have pink dresses…..It was all about imagination and they are now pleasant memories of my childhood


Pink panther is the favourite cartoon show of my younger son who is six years old and he says that ” I love Pink Panther cartoon because a panther does all the silly stuff because he cannot talk”. My youngest son who is only one year old likes its music and starts dancing when the show is on.





This is the famous phrase of one of the main characters of Loony Tunes cartoon series Bugs Bunny.


This character evolved over the years. The development of this amazing cartoon character started before the World War 2 and the first official debut was on July 27, 1940 in “Wild Hare” directed by Tex Avery. Bugs Bunny is a grey rabbit and over 70 years old cartoon character who has New York accent and been on American Postage Stamp.


Bugs Bunny was the 2nd cartoon characterBugs_Bunny_Walk_of_Fame_4-20-06

to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bugs Bunny often gets aggressive for his self-defence who always won wars against who tried   to cheat or harm him.

Bugs Bunny had different voice actors and names in different countries to support this unique cartoon character according to culture or language requirements.

picI love to watch Bugs Bunny because of its strong character, naughtiness, troublesome, wisdom and off course carrot.  I remember in my childhood, I would not eat whole carrot with attached leaves just like carrot shown in Bugs Bunny because I used argue with my mom that it’s bunny style and “I Am Not Rabbit”. I had good drawing skills so I used to draw Bugs Bunny for my class mates in my free time. Now my son who is almost ten years old says ……..he likes to watch Bugs Bunny because sometimes he takes over human’s role and proves himself for being very strong!

bunnyThere were certain things that I didn’t understand because of age but still had so much fun watching Bugs Bunny won every time. I remember one episode where hunter was about to harm him but receives a letter from his uncle and all of sudden things changed magically but now if I watch that  I know it was uncle’s will of millions of dollars for the hunter but with condition of “ Do Not Harm Rabbits”…………. LOL!!!





 Mom, Dad and Kids………….. For all of us and all time favourite*****

 gold-starLOONY TUNES


All time favourite and full of fun characters; can’t be bored and tired of watching them over and over……..

gold-starTOM AND JERRY

Good combination of friendship and rivalry           tom and jerry

between a cat and mouse……….it’s all about FUN

gold-starPINK PANTHERdibujos-pantera-rosa-g

Unique colour of panther , silent but exciting music; adventurous and gets into trouble all time………..



All time favourite, Black & White or Coloured Era…….

We all love to watch Mickey Mouse and Friends!!


pinguUnique family life of penguins in igloo and fun on South Pole………

gold-starWOODY WOOD PECKERWoodyWoodpecker

 Laugh and mischief!!!!

gold-starARABIAN NIGHTS-Aladdin and other cartoon series……  ALADIN

Stories of ancient ages like grandma stories with morals…

AND THERE ARE MANY MORE!!!!!!!    I like to hear some from you………


Beginning of Animated Cartoons

If we look back in history, we had puppet shows who were the main source of entertainment beside theatre shows where humans would perform different characters to make us laugh, think, cry and deliver moral and social messages. Then we started to have projection of animated characters in newspapers by cartoonists and that’s how the journey of cartoons started.

The first animated projection on

motion picture films was Fantasmagorie cartoon

by the French director Émile Cohl in 1908.

One of the very first successful animated cartoons was Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) by Winsor McCay. It was the first example of successful character animation.

At first,

animated cartoons were

Black-and White and silent.

mickyThe first cartoon that had soundtrack was

in 1926 with Max Fleischer‘s My Old Kentucky Home.

Gradually cartoon show had better sound tracks and perfectly synchronized with music.

Now animations have become

the most popular source of movies and commercialsimages

on television because of the 3-D or 4-D graphic appeal and humor!!!

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